Thursday, January 8, 2009

Super Bee

I just want to say thank you to everyone for the warm welcome. I am really jazzed because this group has already motivated me. I spent all morning working on an illustration for IF "resolve". I thought it was a good word for me, because I am resolved to put together a strong portfolio. I will post the picture tomorrow. I am a huge procrastinator, so I was hoping that this critique group would light a fire you know where.

Here is an etching that I did last fall. The black line is the actual etching and the yellow and pink are paints that I loosely painted onto the plate before printing it. I am not planning on printing anymore anytime soon, so this image is an "as is" one for now. I am very attached to it at this point in time, and I was thinking of using it as my postcard. What do you all think? Does it work? I want something memorable that will make someone want to call me back so that I can show my more thorough portfolio, but I don't want to make a mistake with the postcard choice. Is it too edgy? Would love to hear what you all think. Thank you!

It is a picture of my daughter sucking on her Bee (blanket).


sara.b said...

Hey Patricia! I love this illustration. It's vibrant, full of character, energizing, awesome texture, yet I'm gonna be honest, I don't think it's suitable for a postcard. The other thing I need to be honest about is the content on your website isn't your strongest. Some are, but not all of them. I think your watercolor is the strongest, tho I love your oils too. I think your oils have what it takes, but maybe we can help you with some figure. :)

Your watercolors are airy, full of color, great composition, and they would fit right into the children's book market. But I don't think I remember seeing a lot of whats in your calendar on your site. The watercolors of the boater on the lake and the lily pads are fantastic!

I think your watercolors should be the first thing an AD sees when they venture into your gallery. Your oils are for adult audiences and if what you're wanting to do as a career is children's books, that must come first. Ugh, believe, I know first hand...bye bye licensing fantasy art.

I hope I come across helpful and constructive and not "blah blah this, and blah blah that, you have to do this, blah!" :P

I think you have BEAUTIFUL techniques and styles, but adjustments have to happen for all of us, if we're gonna focus on children's books. ;)

wendyo said...

I think it is a lovely piece but I agree with Sara that it might not be the best for a postcard. When I look at it I see more of a fine art piece, It makes me wonder how this style would translate into a picture book. I would use this as a postcard if I were sending off to galleries and one of your watercolors to send to children book publishers. I really loved your website and your work I can't wait to see more. Good luck!

Carmen Keys said...

I too really like this etching, it is spontaneous and free with the linework, great boldness of color too. I agree with the others though that it is more of a fine art gallery piece rather than a book illustration piece.
I think your watercolors would be best to showcase for children's illustration as well -- love the bird with the artichoke and the bird and teapot painting! I also enjoy the town painting you have in your calendar.
I agree you want the watercolors to be the first thing you see on the website if it is going to be used as a portfolio for publishers to look through. You could put the oils and more fine art pieces in a secondary gallery, but make it obvious where the publishers should go. I have to do this also with my previous body of fantasy/fairy artwork -- I want to make sure the publishers don't end up in high fantasy land when they should be in kid land!
Anyway, all of your art is beautiful and I look forward to seeing what else you will create!