Sunday, January 11, 2009

Illustration Friday-CONTAINED

Jars ended up being a common thing in this weeks challenge!


Tiddly Inks said...

Okay, now I love your jar so much better than mine! LOL I don't see any suggestions for change. I like it as is. :) His eyes are priceless....I can just hear his sigh.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

Great illustration. The jar frog has a terribly good expressive face! His whole body language and face tell of his annoyance with being in the jar.

I don't think you're playing fair though - I don't see anything I would do differently or change. You've gotta leave some mistakes in there so we can say something negative about your piece. Heh.

Let's see - the only thing I can think of (besides gushing over your piece like a jerk) is that I wish the breathing straw was a cigarette. Because, as a boy, what are you supposed to do with an animal caught in a jar, except torture it.

On second thought, ignore that last paragraph...even better than that, don't read the previous paragraph.

Anyhow - I was going to try and catch your dice being wrongly assigned, but even that you were correct. Sigh, good job.

sara.b said...

Oh Oh!!!! I found something! :D Because I've seen this before and absolutely love it and his expression. The composition is fantastic, the colors work VERY well together, everything. But staring at it, I found something to say constructively. Notice at the bottom of the jar you provided space between the frog and the line defining the jar? I think that should be used at his back. The lines go right into each other, where at the bottom it defines the jar has a thickness...where at the back it does not.

But other than't find anything else. >_< Too good Cyn!

Carmen Keys said...

This is great!! Love his irritated/resigned expression! I like the reds, they tie together nicely.
I had a hard time coming up with anything picky to say, heheh.
You are quite adept at jars!