Monday, January 5, 2009

If - wip/ink

So here's the color I have so far. I would love some feedback about what is working and what isn't, just keep in mind this isn't finished. :P

Okay, so here is the inked image, and you can see all the things I kept and all the changes I mentioned in my post(reply) for the sketch. Also, to answer the question as to how I drew the sketch...I used a blue prismacolor pencil on canson tracing paper. :) To erase I used a Tuff Stuff pencil eraser (or in lamest terms...the while eraser). A kneaded eraser didn't work so well. o.O


marikris said...

Sara, I totally agree with the changes you've made. The rug is gone so it doesn't look like it's slipping off the lower right hand page; the moon is gone and won't distract from the window; and you raised the window ledge by a little bit so it's not a direct line from the hallway wall floor. The window is also closed against stray bits of wind.

I think this is really strong and can't wait to see it fully colored! I myself am having problems coming up with a drawing for IF - that hated artist block strikes again -_-

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

my only problem now is that it looks too good. But seriously - i think you did a good job!

Lyon said...

Great job. What are you going to color it with? Do you have a soft palette in mind to stay with the sweet nighttime scene?


Tiddly Inks said...

Perfect. :) I love her socks. LOL

Lyon said...

This image took my breath away -- literally.

I only have some minor nits to pick about placement of highlights.

The closer sock would be all in shadow since her foot is dropping down off the bed and neither the hall light or the moonlight would be sticking it. The same with her lower jaw and the bright circle on her cheek. I think her hair would also be casting a strong shadow across the part of the face she is leaning on.

This is just yummy.

Carmen Keys said...

This is looking beautiful Sara! You've done a great job with the soft moonlight and shadows, I particularly like the highlight/shadow on the floor around the toy box. I'm so glad you closed the window, heheh -- now it won't get too cold in there.
I think the hallway could get a few more warm glazes to make it cheerier and give more depth. Something to make the floor clearly separate from the wall (like a shadow or darker color?).
This is a sweet and peaceful scene! Love the changes!

Tiddly Inks said...

Really excellent job with the color choices and painting. Yowers...I did a little gasp too. I think you have a winner. I would love to see some more shadows, but like you said it isn't done and I look forward to seeing it complete. The moonlight is perfect as is. :)

Pixiewinkle said...

Sara- One more technical question (would love other input as well)- how do you transfer the drawing from the tracing paper to the watercolor paper?