Monday, January 12, 2009

lllustration Friday - CLANDESTINE

I've been trying to catch up with a few recent IF themes. Today I finished "Clandestine" - what a great suggestion! I'm going to do a couple more this week. I'm having way too much fun with these!


sara.b said...

It definitely shows that you're having fun! I love the expressions and the tidbits around the room that describe a story to me. Again, beautiful composition and use of color.

The only thing that slightly (and only slightly) bothers me is the black is so deep that my eye wants to keep going back to it, or not move away from it. Lightening it up a bit might keep the eye moving. :)

Can't wait to see next weeks! What else do you have in your goodie bag?

Cyn Narcisi said...

Hi Sara, yeah, I agree about the black. I hesitated before using it but that's what ignoring your gut will get ya! I can always adjust it with PS though! Thanks for appreciating the details. That's the funnest part!

Tiddly Inks said...

Love it! All the details are there..the calendar with the marked off days, the spyglass in her bag...her shoes. All very nice.
Only thing is the black....I agree that it might be too dark.
Great work though and it could be just fine as is.

Carmen Keys said...

I really like this very much -- their conspiratorial expressions are perfect, love all the details you've added like the calendar, backback, milk and cookies etc.
I bet you could fix up the black parts by putting a bit of highlight on them in a gray shade, particularly the girl's bandana.
I was a little confused about what the boy is lying on. I see now it is a bed, but at first it read as a chair with a table or covered box in front of it! I think for me it is how the headboard comes in so much at the bottom that it doesn't appear to be as large as a headboard would be. Maybe if you made the "V" shape straighter it would help that.
Anyway this is a very adventuresome, fun illustration with a lot of great details to lead the eye around!