Thursday, January 1, 2009

Illustration Friday - Clandestine

{Watercolor, 2008}
I have a list of several things to revamp my portfolio. Some of those include spot illustrations. One of my other goals is to have a pretty solid watercolor portfolio. I think this piece is probably good enough to include in a watercolor portfolio if I work up some other little watercolor spots. Let me know what you guys think, because this is a seriously talented and eager bunch!


sara.b said...

Candace, I think this is beautiful! Your style has translated to the watercolor swimmingly and I can totally see this illustration used in a book. :)

The only quarrel I have with it is you could have added more of the blue shadows on the kitten, or purple shadows. Compared to the floor, box, and ornament's shadows, the kitten looks a bit flat.

Colors work very well together and the composition works very well. Looking forward to seeing these watercolor additions. :)

Carmen Keys said...

Hello Candace!
I think this is super adorable, sweet expression and whimsical style. It's hard for me to dislike anything about it -- but I'll say maybe the Christmas ornaments could use a little more highlights/reflections. The one in the immediate foreground is nice with the reflection along the bottom edge, and I think the other two would benefit from a similar treatment to make them a bit more three-dimensional.
A lovely spot illustration, very playful!

Tiddly Inks said...

Wow...very adorable and I really like your character. This works perfectly in watercolor. I agree with pumping up the contrast by adding some highlights and shadows to the kitty. I would also suggest darkening the underside of the box lid and the near side of the box...maybe. :)