Saturday, January 10, 2009

Illustration Friday - Contained

Hi ya guys. I am having trouble with the perspective of the jar and lid here, but I have to take a break from it. Just thought I would ask for some help. This is a line of characters that I draw for rubber stamps called HuggaBuggs...they are a cross between buggs and fairies. :)
This is about an hour of digital painting in photoshop. I will definitely be going back to work on it.


sara.b said...

Hey Christy,
I think this is adorable, and the detail you've placed so whimsically works very well overall.

As for the lid and jar...I think the jar looks great, the lid doesn't look too bad either. Feels pretty good to me. My only thought is add a bit of that blue to her finger tips and palms to make it look like they're up against the glass. :)

Love the colors too!

Cyn Narcisi said...

I think the perspective seems just fine here. She's an adorable character. My only observation is the fingers tips seem too close to the eyes. Really nice:)

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

I think it looks great! When you say perspective problem, I was trying to find any problems I had with the jar, but they seem fine.

I agree with both comments said about the fingers - the index fingers both tangent with the eyes. And if you add some color to the finger prints, it'll look more like they're pressed to the glass.

And another thing - the character is on her knees right? I only think you might have a problem with the perspective because the character is a frontal view, things tend to flatten out a bit with that...but it doesn't seem like a problem to me because you have the jar lid and bottom which both show the space the character is in.

Good job all around!

marikris said...

Hi, Christy! I love your HuggaBuggs. I saw them in your site and I think they're adorable. I think I understand why the perspective is irking you: the jar looks fine, the lid looks fine, but I think directly in the middle between her fingers (and between her eyes) is such a wide space that it kind of flattens it right there. Cyn is right - a little space between the eyes and fingers will help (because at first glance, it's hard to tell she has eyes since each are directly under a shadow and connects into an index finger). Adding some translucent blue highlights in certain places will give you that volume, like maybe add a stripe or two down behind her head so it distances the back from the front, and then a little by her hands like Sara suggested earlier.

Can't wait to see the final version ^_^

Tiddly Inks said...

Okay, thanks for the help, compliments, and constructive thoughts. :) I knew Isaac would find my tangents! LOL
Thanks for all the suggestions. I like them and I think it will help. I shall get right on it. :)

Carmen Keys said...

She is adorable and I agree with everyone's comments here. I guess I would make that reflection line over her right eye/hand lighter as well, right now it is blocking the view of them a bit too much. Or moving that reflection would work too.
I love the style of this, your lines have such great movement and I think it would have a lot of kid-appeal!