Monday, January 5, 2009

Panda having Tea

I wanted to share my second illustration of the Panda having tea. I loved a lot of the suggestions everyone offered. Thank you all for your help. I'm really loving this critique!


sara.b said...

Oh Wendy, this is adorable! I love it! The rocks are fantastic and the dragon's pattern is so strong. You've definitely taken what was said and applied. Well done!

My only crit of this piece is to bring the black on the panda out just a wee bit more (like his eye). He's still a little gray. Consider using some purple or brown mixed in with the black.

What a piece for your portfolio!! :D

marikris said...

Wow, just wow. This is fantastic - from the dragon scales to the rocks and pebbles, to the background. We used to have an aquarium when I was younger, and my dad used this wallpaper that had bamboo prints on it. Anyway, I can almost see this scene happening in there lol.

I do agree with Sara about the panda, though. Your watercolor shows so much volume on everything else that the panda looks just a little flat next to the red tea pot and the dragon. Just a hint more color (purples, grays etc) and that should pop him out a bit.

Such great work!

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

You should try the composition with only one character.

Heh...but seriously - this is terrific. The dragon character was done so well! This piece shouldn't have been without him!

Lyon said...

I'm jealous! You are so talented!

When painting "black" in a water color painting I use a mix of alizarin crimson and indigo blue. Nice deep darks and still plenty of color so it doesn't create a "hole" in the painting. And after the wash dries you can go in with a damp brush and pick out highlights and the fur will glow!

Tiddly Inks said...

Ohh, now that is perfect!!!! The rocks, the mountains, the dragon especially!!!! Wowsers. This doesn't look at all like the same piece. Nothing against the other one, but this one tells a lovely story. Seriously well done on the changes. I think this new little dragon needs a story of his own because he is topnotch. :)
PS: I agree Panda could be darker to balance the vibrant dragon. :)

Carmen Keys said...

I LOVE THIS. It made me squeal!
Excellent idea using the round pattern as rocks instead of a design. This piece is really grounded and also wonderfully whimsical!
I agree Panda could use a little darkening, maybe even just in the contour shadows so his colors will stand out as well as the dragon's.
This rocks!! (no pun intended, heh)

Pixiewinkle said...

Wendy, I was looking at the blog earlier today when I wasn't a member and wanted to make a comment on how fantastic this illustration is! I really enjoyed the first one that you made and liked the color and circles, but I agreed with all of the comments. This one comes to life and really tells a story. The dragon (with a mustache nontheless) is a great addition and makes up for the
"pattern" that the illustration lost when you took out the circles. I think that the bamboo is much more realistic in this image than the last, which I like very much as well as the other added details. I agree with Sara on adding a little dimension to the bear, but just a touch- I like the simplicity in contrast to the rest of the picture. In some ways I think that the white attracts the eye to him immediately.