Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Carmen's Illustration Friday: Resolve (UPDATE 1/19/09)

I put in grass as y'all suggested.... it does make a nice anchor. :)


Although the wind was howling fiercely, William resolved to deliver the box of medicines to its destination.
So.... I'm thinking again to do a color version of this! I seem to be doing a lot of graphite these days for IF. I've been sketching these little rabbit guys for weeks and I can't get them out of my head! So, does this work? Is it too lacking in depth? I was experimenting with this "negative drawing" thing in the background...


pete said...

Very, very nice! I love the wind and sense of movement you've created throughout the piece. This is a hard one for me to critique, because it looks so complete to definitely stands alone without color!

Let's see, where do I find something?...You know, if it were me, I'd consider adding some hard-edged/lined foliage to the floor the rabbit's running upon. That might make it feel a tad more dimensional against your negative background. To me, the rabbit's kinda floating amongst a background. The hard-lined leaves might like to fall on the tops of hard-lined grassblades just peeking from the bottom of view. Did that make any sense? Still, very effective.

I am very impress with your range of light to dark throughout. Excellent!

Tiddly Inks said...

Ditto to what Pete said. This looks really finished already--very lively and filled with movement. I also agree with the hardline ground maybe adding a little anchor, unless you want him to be floating. :)
All in all, it is awesome. :)
The bunny is a great little character.

sara.b said...

Hehe, when I first looked at this and saw the umbrella with the wind I thought he was running on the wind/air to get to where he was going. :P

It's lovely Carmen, and does feel complete. All of these graphite drawings would work beautifully with your technique of painting. doesn't hurt to have a strong b/w portfolio either. ;) This one is definitely a strong illustration to have in your portfolio for b/w.

Should just do a Beatrix Potter rampage and draw all of the wee rabbits and place them in a wee book and call it "Wee Rabbits". hehe I'm gettin' tired. :P

Pixiewinkle said...

You know which other rabbit had quite the resolve? Hint: He was off to a teaparty. I think this image works- the soft texture in the background shows great movement and I like how you use the darker lines to showcase the bunny. The facial expression works very well too. It is so simple, but he obviously has only one thing on his mind. Well done.

wendyo said...

I agree that the drawing looks complete. It seems like your negative background experiment would work well for chapter books.

Carmen Keys said...

Thank you everyone! :) I think that is a great suggestion about having a bit of hard-edged grass on the bottom. Maybe he'd look less floaty that way.
I should post more of my rabbit sketches, heheh -- they're beginning to take over my sketchbook!