Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Webpage top

Hi everyone. About website changes…well, here is mine. The one I have now isn’t a strong design. I love Sara’s detail and wallpaper back ground, but because my colors are bolder I don’t think I can do much more than a paper text. The characters at the top are for a book I’m writing (won’t come out for a long time), but I think they work for my site. My blog header is from a page spread (same story). Anyway, I plan to keep the role over feature and page color changes (but with texture). I’ll also add white or pale text boxes. It’s not really fancy. Your thoughts?


Carmen Keys said...

It's looking very good, Anne! Nice and clean, and the paper texture doesn't distract from your lovely work. That's a neat trick of having the rabbit's arm overlap the top of the menu bar. :)
The one concern I would have, and maybe you've already thought of this -- for your images that do not already have white space around them, how would it look against the medium blue background? Or is that what you meant by page color changes? That might work, otherwise you could put a paler box into the background behind the larger images so that the mid blue won't potentially mess with the colors in the paintings.
Lovely and harmonious color scheme in general though!

marikris said...

Hi, Anne! I agree with Carmen about having white spaces between the background and the art. I say this because I can see on the top right the blue cute monster kind of blends with the blue texture. The blue-green tool bar doesn't make him stand out either because it picks up some of his blue-green hues. It could be that the simplest thing is to move him up a bit so that we can see his mouth and some more of his highlights, just enough so that it doesn't look like he's becoming the wallpaper.

I really do like that it's very simple, very cute and I'm glad you're keeping the rollovers (I do love rollovers) but for this background, I would agree that a white border around the image will help make the image stand out. Can't wait to see how it turns out~


Tiddly Inks said...

I agree with both comments. I love your characters and the main picture is adorable. I prefer simple myself. I also agree with the suggestions that maybe there is too much blue green in the background and navigation bar. Possibly a more neutral or lighter color would pop out all the characters. I think it is a good start and I want to see more of those cute ideas. :)