Friday, January 2, 2009

Green Eyed Sue

Happy New Year everybody. This is an image I've been working on for a while. She's supposed to be about 14 yo and a pirate.

She will have a Jolly Roger waving behind her and a ship's wheel in her forward hand (which isn't drawn yet.)

I am toying with completing the image in Illustrator but may decide to do watercolor, which I use for most of my work.


pete said...

Nice choice in perspective! That decision will make it easy for you to put whatever you choose in the background. Also, I like how you've thought through the clothing she's wearing.

You might consider removing the wrinkle lines near her eyes and mouth corners. I think those are making her look older than 14. If it were me, I'd also soften her jawline and chin.

I like your intricate details in the lacing of the corset (is that what it's called? my wife would know)and you graceful treatment of her flowing hair. Very nice! :)

sara.b said...

I too enjoy all of the detail placed into this image. I can't wait to see the wheel and other character interacting.

I agree with Pete about the face. The mouth seems a little big and the lower lip seems a bit wide towards the corner. I'd say lift the lower lip a bit closing in sooner and soften the jawline. Also consider giving her a bit more rib right under the breast on the right side. She looks a little too small in comparison to the head and shoulders. I understand the corset, but visually it just doesn't feel right.

The hair is lovely and the perspective in the arm is very nice. I'd say go with watercolors! :)

Tiddly Inks said...

I really like the hair and the clothes and the perspective. It will be lovely when it is done.:)

I agree with Pete and Sara though about the mouth and eyes. She looks much older than intended. Maybe remove the lines and raise the lower lip? Something about her neck maybe too? Great start though. :)

Carmen Keys said...

This has a good sense of movement and she does look like she is on a fun adventure!
I agree with the others that the smile lines make her look older than intended. You could put gradual contours in with watercolor that will give her the same amount of jollyness but also keep her youthful looking. I would maker her mouth smaller and change the angle/shape of the eye a bit -- right now it looks as if it is in a different perspective than the rest of her face. I think maybe tilting it up from the outer corner a little and making the lower eyelid overlap the iris a bit would do it.
I think this is going to be a fun piece, the costume detail is great! Can't wait to see how the other elements will interact with her.

wendyo said...

I have always loved pirates, I can't wait to see this in color. I especially love the movement in her hair.
I agree with the others that she looks older than fourteen. As I have aged what I noticed the most is my face thinning out, you might try plumping up her face by softening the lines.
Good job, I'm excited to see more.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

jeez. Everyone got to the comments before I could. I guess I could say ditto - but more to the point, I'd agree that softening up the face will definitely youthenize her. I learned from comics that the more lines you put in a woman/girl face, the older they end up looking. I think it'll be a terrific piece...I can't wait to see the drawing finished! Finish it now! know, when you have the chance...

Pixiewinkle said...

I agree with the other posts- the first thing that pops out at me is that she looks older than 14- because of the wrinkle lines. Fix those and you'll have your girl. All else works really well. Love the movement that the hair shows. I feel like she just comandeered a pirate ship and is laughing right out of port. I really dig the armband, but I would like it even better if it were a snake. Have you seen a silver snake upper arm cuff? My sister-n-law has one from Morrocco that I secretly covet. Regardless, you're well on your way.