Sunday, January 4, 2009

IF - wip

I've been debating what to do for Illustration Friday this week and thought of this last night. I'm currently about to embark on illustrating a book about bedtime and thought I'd practice a bit. So the resolution here is helping a toddler fall asleep in his own bed. While I was drawing it I was imaging the poor thing had a nightmare or was tossing and turning. So mom, being the nurture (can't wait to be a mom someday!), comes to settle him.

I would love some feedback on my perspective as well as the composition. Perspective, ugh, is NOT a strong suit of mine and last night my boyfriend (Brian) n' I sat and figured out the basics of two point. I should have paid more attention in class. :P Go figure.

The piece will be painted in watercolor on hot press, using lots of purples, yellows/oranges, and blues. At least thats what I'm envisioning.


Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

I think you did a good job of 2 point perspective! everything goes to two vanishing points (I popped your drawing into illustrator and drew the lines - which is how I figure out my perspective stuff).

On thing is that some of the items on the page - the chest and the rug kind of look like they're slipping off the page. Sometimes when the vanishing point is too close to the objects, even when the perspective is right, tend to look a little wonky. So if I was to suggest anything, it'd be to move the vanishing point on the right side of the page over a little more to the right.

But the rug and the chest aren't the main focus (I like how the lines all lead through the two figures on the bed as well as the sun looking down on them) it won't be so bad to leave it as is...

Carmen Keys said...

Great job with the perspective! That's one of my weak points as well. @_@ This is very believable, looks solid and the facial expressions are perfect.
I agree about the rug -- I think the chest would stop looking like it is falling off the page if the rug were eliminated entirely, or else if it extended beneath the bed. I think it looks wonky even though the perspective is correct because the closest edge of the rug isn't showing in the illustration, and somehow fools my eye into thinking it is off. Or, I wonder if making the rug round or oval would help?
I like how the hallway and the pictures hanging in it give this space a sense of extra depth, and the hanging stars and sun convey a sense of dreaming to me, like this bedroom is a safe place to dream.

Lyon said...

I think your perspective is dead on! Great job!

My only comments are it looks as if Mom is squishing the baby, can you move her back so she doesn't look like she is lying on top of him? And the tail end of the moon in the window is distracting to me. I don't think you need it since it's only a tiny bit and isn't the focus of the image.

What are you sketching on and with? Inquiring minds want to know. Is this on your final paper?

pete said...

I really like this composition!

I think the sun in the frame above the bed has similar facial features to the undertone of her watching over him. Also, you do cloth very well.

As far as critiques...I agree with the aforementioned (word of the day). To be extremely critical, you could carry through your perspective lines to the windowpanes and framing. Also, you might put a breeze in those curtains if that window is open.

Very cool work. Your choice in perspective works for me...your inclusion of the hallway convinces me that this is a real home with the portraits, alternate flooring, etc.

I can't wait to see it painted up!

pete said...

Is your medium Col-Erase pencils?

Candace Trew Camling said...

Please dont change too much on the drawing!! I think the mother and child look really wonderful together! I agree with a little motion in the curtains but otherwise, paint away!!

marikris said...

Woohoo 7th comment ^_^

I don't have much to add, except I agree with Lyon about the tail end of the moon. In fact, I wasn't sure at first that it was a moon. Perhaps take it out altogether and just add some tiny stars if you want to create more depth...?

Anyway, I love the composition (I think perspective is one of the hardest things to accomplish) and specially the sun looking down at the mother and infant. The sun looks like it's popping out of the page. Can't wait to see the finished work!

wendyo said...

I love the way you handle figures, they give me the feeling of elegance and sweetness.
I agree with the others that the rug and the trunk look like they are sliding. The other thing I notice, which might not really matter is being able to see into the hall way and out the window on the same wall. I'm sure it would be possible in some homes and I do like what having both add to the drawing, but for me it feels a bit odd.

Tiddly Inks said...

Oh, it is lovely and as a mom, that is pretty much how it works! In my house, the kid would be turned around and have an arm over my neck and just generally be all in my space! LOL Doubtful that such reality would be near as sweet as this illustration though. :)
I agree with Wendy and about the window and the hallway. Something seems not quite right there. It probably won't be noticable when painted, but I couldn't put a finger on it, until Wendy pointed it out.
I also agree that the illo is just about right 'as is' with the minor changes that others suggested.
You are very talented with perspective and the scene is just lovely. I can't wait to see your book. :)

sara.b said...

Thank you so so very much for all the comments you guys!

I have inked the piece and this is what I changed:

The blanket is more like a down thicker. The mom's tummy feels a bit more pushed back with the blanket changing. And her hand is now behind the toddler's shoulder. I made the rug in the bedroom go under the bed and used "artistic license" to bring the corner of the chest up. I also chose not to use a ruler when drawing the lines to keep them more "organic" and not rigid next to the soft appearance of the characters.

I think the moon will be painted as a smaller crest way off in the distance with stars dancing. I didn't change the curtain, tho it was a beautiful thought, the window is closed. I added to the window to represent that (handle at the bottom). hum...why am I typing all this...just gonna post it. :P You'll see.

Again thank you!!! You guys rock and it helped so much!!!

sara.b said...

I totally know what you mean! Especially with IFs. I always try to do something no one else does, but that takes a lot of brainstorming...which often leads to artist block. Just gotta push through it ya know. What usually helps me is I look up the definition and try to read all of them. Sometimes there's something in there that other's haven't thought of, or something you would have never thought of. :)