Sunday, October 11, 2009

Story image

I have been really busy doing things that are for licensing and haven't been doing as much book work lately. I have been talking to an agent that likes a story that I wrote and wants me to do a dummy for it. This is one of the images. I started this a while ago and am just getting back to doing some sketches for it. The bottom area is for copy.


pete said...

This is a lovely illustration! The first thing I notice is how well you took care of your brown hues. You really have control of your would be easy for an artist to muddy up this image and make the rabbits hard to decipher. Excellent.

The bodies of the rabbits look great and your subtle light source is well placed and rendered. This looks like a great story.

My only crit would be that I'd like to see a larger image with higher resolution so I can see your details!

Good luck on submitting the dummy!

Carmen Keys said...

This is wonderful! I love the bunnies' expressions and the contrast of the blue/white sky with the warmer tones of the den. Also the green carrot tops bring just a touch of the coolness inside.
The only thing I could see in this that was confusing to the eye at first was the baby rabbit's face & dad's foot -- they blend together a lot so it would be nice to make dad's foot perhaps darker in shadow so it is more clear.
I think the leaving of space for text also works well compositionally. It is adorable!

Patti said...

Carmen, Good point about the foot. I'll take another look at that.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

It looks great! Nice warm browns...and you can really feel the one rabbit shaking the snow off. I'd say usually the angle you chose would be difficult because the characters risk looking like they'll slip off the page, but these look grounded. Great job with this one! (and I agree with the foot comment).

sara b. said...

Beautifully rendered and I'm impressed with the perspective as Isaac mentioned. I love the warm fuzzy feeling I get when looking at this and your den's walls look fantastic! Great concept with the snow shake off...beautiful! :)