Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scepter in the Lake

Yay!!! Finished! I'm totally going to do an illo to go along with this one to help build story. :) I'm very pleased with the outcome and am proud to have it finally in my portfolio. One piece meeting portfolio requirements, many more to go. ;) Bring it!

I also kicked out the dark sepia line and white acrylic that is usually in my work. I like seeing the pencil instead. Sometimes I think the sepia enhances, but the softness of this I can't get over. Wonder why I never thought of using the lightbox for this...beyond me. Gonna have to get a bigger lightbox, I like skipping the retrace. :D I think it also pushed me on color choices too. Tho I try to make my choices without relying on the lines, but not having them there just pushed me harder. I dunno, what do you see? I've been staring at it too long. :P


marikris said...

Oh, Sarah, way to conquer this one. It's absolutely beautiful. I know I sounded completely drunk on my last convoluted couple of posts, but the transparent ice really works. There's mystery in it, but you can tell that the little girl is on to of ice.

Just awesome.

Carmen Keys said...

This piece is a total winner, Sara! I really like the softness, too, without the dark outlines. Colors are perfect, the swirls and textures are perfect. I agree, there is mystery to this piece and it wants additional illustrations for the story. :)

Lyon said...

Way to keep going in the face of frustration. Awesome finish!

Steve Harpster said...

I like the colors and the image. I wouldn't know right off the bat what is going on by just looking at this image, but if you have a page preceding this one you can tell more of the story.

Have you done any writing for kids books? Why don't you write the story for this?

nicbrek said...

Great work! What else can I say but please treat yourself to dinner or something. You deserve it.