Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monster, creature and pug sketches

These are also from the same sketchbook as the people below


Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

I love the attention to detail (like the scales!)...

are you using a white pencil to add back in some highlights? I used to do that way back when...when I sketched on grey paper...

And might I say that, once again, I love your eyeballs!

Great characters!

Steve Harpster said...

No white pencil. I'm using gouache on these. I can't find a good white pencil to cover to save my life unless it's applied to a gray toned paper.
Another trick I am using are these goggles that magnify the illustration. I bought them at Hobby Land a long time ago for models and sculpting. The journal is only 5"x8" so that's not a lot of room.
My wife thinks I look like a big dork.

To get good at eyes just practice shading spheres and also watch pixar movies. I totally copy there eyes from Bugs Life.

pete said...

Very cool sketchwork. I, too, am a student of Pixar. Nothin' beats them!

I like the idea of carrying around a sketchpad. Right now, all I have is a huge pile of sketches...it would be nice to have them contained.

I particularly enjoy the mono-eye, mustache, drooly-tooth, claw grip, underwear monster. He's awesome.

Carmen Keys said...

These are hilarious!! You are awesome with monsters and strange creatures. I like the one-eyed crab best, he looks kind of French.