Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dad's in charge 2nd

Here's the changes to my illustration after getting some feedback. I think there was a huge improvement here. Let me know if you see anything else that I can improve on.


pete said...

I really like the changes...nice job. Removing the background elements draws more attention to the foreground so I think this works quite well!

I also enjoy the new cub. His body posture is excellent and really plays up the rambunctiousness of these little guys.

Something about the new cubs right eye (facing us) and the bridge of his nose from tip to brow seems off. Looks like maybe the shape of the nose is missing slightly (on the right side). Is that clear as mud, or what? :)

So long, Bird! And hello 3/4 lizard! Nice changes, Steve.

sara b. said...

I agree, having that cub right there infront of you is critical. Been doing some research myself about what needs to be in the your illos, etc., and having him right there really makes a space for all the playing around that's going on.

I too see what Pete is mentioning. Compared to the rest of the cubs and dad the bridge of his nose is very smooth and flat. Maybe round it up a bit. Also it's the bridges on all those snouts that make them apart from Disney's Lion King (in my opinion). The one right in front has more of a Disney feel. :/ Bring some crinkle!