Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October was unseasonably cool. The newsmen claimed it had been the wettest one on record, too.

One day, late in the month, the sun battled its way through the ever present clouds and shined briefly on the world.

Juan and Levont took advantage of the break to burn off energy at the neighborhood playground in the watery sunlight.

I needed some more boys and more ethnic flavor in my portfolio. Comments?


pete said...

I think this is a good rendering of kids at play. I like the loose line and the strokes of makes the overall image look playful.

I'd exaggerate the postures of the kids some more, if you were willing to do modifications. The children are very vertical...appearing just to hang. If they were angled more, it might create more action.

Also, I have no idea what they're hanging on. It looks like playground equipment but there's not much context to figure that out from. Maybe throw in some slides, swings, etc to give more clues to where they are.

I like the characters, but I feel it needs more to suggest that it goes along with the clouds breaking through..

Thanks for sharing it!

nicbrek said...

I like the movement here and the colors. The boy's face on the right needs some re-sculpting. I also like Pete's suggestion of adding a background.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

I like your illustration, especially the different colors in the characters clothing to give it dimension and a bit of pop.

A agree with Pete that there needs to be more context. I did an illustration recently where I had a panda pushing a skunk on a swing...and that's all it had in the playground...and it ended up looking kind of desolate. I ended up adding a nondescript character and a couple of trees to the background and also a slide and the piece was improved a great deal.

I also think that you should have the characters either showing the top of what they're on, but it may be more important to show the bottom so you can see their feet hanging.

And I understand about needing a more well rounded portfolio - I went to this little illustrator event over the weekend and was told that I had too many square animals and was limiting myself for what art directors would believe I could do...