Monday, October 12, 2009

Migration (Illustration Friday: Flying)

My entry this week for IF. I've been doing a new technique lately that combines watercolors and oils with an acrylic sealant in between.


Patti said...

My first thought is that I really like the texture of the board. The one thing that seems not to work is her position on the page. It feels like she should be more to the right so there is a vista she is looking off into.It seems like she is envying the birds and their freedom. I think that mood would come off better if she were not so close to the edge and looking at a wider view.The whole symbolism of the vastness what's out there???

Anne Jewett said...

I like the texture too!

have you tried cropping? Do you really need the lower half of the dress? I only say this because I tend to do the same thing and discovered lately that the real emotion becomes stronger when I zoom in. Juat a thought.

hi all,
Sorry I haven't been around much. It's been a weird summer/fall. I'm working digitally now. I'll have to come back and post something soon.


Carmen Keys said...

Yeah, maybe cropping would be a good solution if I were to put this in my portfolio...
It's kind of a future-is-unknown but wondering where it may lead kind of feeling I suppose.
I am having fun with this new texture thing, surely I can experiment with it more -- it comes from the layers of acrylic sealant on the paper so the oils won't eat it up.
Thanks for the feedback ladies (and welcome back, Anne)!

Christy said...

I like the new textures, Carmen. It looks richer but still like you. I agree with the above perspective suggestion too--with the focus switching to the birds instead of her. I didn't immediately think of it, so I think it is okay as is or maybe cropped a little more. Either way, I think you have hit on something with your experiment. :)

sara b. said...

Agreed, I am SO happy you're trying the two together. It's working girl, totally working. Like Christy said, your colors are richer but it's still totally you. Ditto on the advice given above, but that takes time and practice. Ugh, believe me. Been lookin' at the portfolio and there's a lot that needs to be changed.

Keep going, don't back out now! You've hit the nail on the head! :D It's beautiful!