Monday, April 20, 2009

Animals planting

This wasn't a very clever illustration, but it has a high level of cute attached to it. I wanted to do the entire thing in Adobe Illustrator, and I took it this far:

And I wanted to show it to the group before I went any further. What do you think of it? I have yet to really add any real solid 'depth' to the characters (shading and such) or details to the ground plain, but is there anything i'm missing or could do? What do you think?

EDIT - April 25th - this is the finished illustrator version, I'm going to try and do a photoshop version (whenever I have the time)...


Carmen Keys said...

Looking pretty good, Isaac! Compositionally I think it's working pretty well, though maybe a bit sparse. I'll bet more detail and shading would help that tons though, so I don't necessarily think it needs anything big added before you go into the details. On the left cloud the gradient line is a little abrupt.
Pillow guys are cute as ever, I like their expressions (looks like hard work carrying that tree!) and they have a good sense of interaction and what will come next in the story.

sara.b said...

I agree, I think this works great and it's definitely a dose of cute! I adore your pillow guys and find their interaction and expressions working very well. It comes so naturally.

Another idea you could use is maybe add grass lines on the horizon line. I think that's one thing that is missing in your work...that horizon line is so flat. And the dirt when detailing could add a bit more shape. Maybe break it down into a few circles or ovals and shade each one so it doesn't look like chocolate ice cream. ;)

Small things, but over all I am totally enjoying it!