Saturday, April 25, 2009

IF - Theater

"Romeo, oh Romeo!"

Finally I did an illustration friday piece!! Whoo hoo! :P Changed it up this time too. Thought I'd play around. Sepia watercolor with colored pencil on top.


pete said...

Howdy, Sara!

I like the composition of this one. The body language and character of the kitty cat translates well and the girl's age is well rendered. She doesn't look like she's too old to be a toddler in her Mom's shoes. I also like the way you created her outfit.

Here's a few things I spotted, and they're nit picky at best. I think the girl's jaw might be a bit low and/or oversized...or her lips may be to high. And something about her arm lengths are distracting me (her right arm seems smaller than her left). I also think it might've looked interesting to see the draping cloth wrapping around her arms/body instead of resting in front.

I like your light source. How did you like your result? It reminds me of what I wanted to try with my Lion Conductor painting.

Are you a photo referencer or do you sketch out your compositions mentally? You're very good at getting your characters into position.

Christy said...

I love the light source and the pose...hilarious. The dress and scarf are perfect, but I have to agree with Pete that something about the neck/jaw is distracting. That is very out of character for you, so I am wondering if it is just my computer. Your anatomy is always so perfect. I would love to know if it is all mental or from photos too. :)
I wish my little one had that dress...she would love it! :)

How goeth the wedding plans?

Carmen Keys said...

Very cute illustration, Sara! This little girl might be a drama queen, heheh. Love the pose, her expression, and her little feet in mom's shoes!
I agree about the jawline -- it is pretty low there by her ear. It kind of made it hard to read where her face exactly was in the smaller jpeg image, especially since the scarf is up so close with the flower. I'll bet if you put her neck there and raised the jawline up, it would read just perfectly!
Also cool how you used a muted yet strong lighting source. You are always so good with lighting!

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

terribly cute! Great attention to detail with teh shoes and cat head tilt.

Everyone else already beat me to the jaw line comment...

Your drawing inspired me to work on something for this weeks illustration friday - I had no idea what to do with 'theater' - but I now have something in the works!

sara.b said...

Thanks everyone!

To answer the reference question, I do both. :P Sometimes I use reference, and other times I do not. I didn't for this piece. The reason I go back and forth is because it strengthens my anatomy skills. With the photographic memory its like tracing it over and over and over and over and over until I can draw it exactly on my own. Except, not that intensive.

I was aware of the jawline before I even started to paint, but had already inked it. I'll have to photoshop it when I get the time.

Thanks again everyone for such great feedback! I love the kitty too. :D