Thursday, April 2, 2009

Comic book guy

Character sketch of some guy that loves comic books.


pete said...

Very clean work, Steve! It looks very polished and planned.

I also like the choice to use grayscale/monochromatics. I think there's lots to learn from working in one hue. The line work is great and I particularly like how you handled the details...right down to the tear in the t-shirt and scratches on his shoes.

Hard to pick out areas for improvement on this character study...

The more I see effective digital art--the more I want to try it out. Nice job, Steve.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

Very solid drawing! Terrific character design...this guy looks like what you'd think of by a comic book guy.

The only thing I could think of is that when you actually label it 'comic book guy' it makes me think of the simpsons - because that guy doesn't have a name, he's just comic book guy (right?...did he have a name?) So if you call this piece comic book guy, you could run the risk of people going, "that's not the simpson's guy"...but if he's just a comic book nerd then the title doesn't distract from a nice drawing.

I need to find more time for drawing - I've been very absent...I see pieces like this and I can't wait until my schedule frees up so I can draw more...

Christy said...

Very solid...all around. I know this guy right down to the chain on his wallet. LOL

sara.b said...

I too enjoy the monochromatic approach and agree with Isaac about the labeling. I spent way too much time with these "guys" in high school and jr. high. :P He reminds me of an over weight version of a friend. Baggy pants, torn tee, army vest/jacket, and glasses. lol I also like how his feet are turned in displaying his personality as an introvert.

I almost wouldn't mind seeing something more light in the background to contrast with him. The piece, although very solid and crisp, could use some contrast between character and bkgr. Then again, my monitor tend to be darker than most.

Also maybe add "IMAGE COMICS" or "MARVEL" on his shirt (of course I mean something like that, not the exact words).

You handle digital painting so well. I'm jealous. :) Beautiful rendered and well done!