Thursday, April 23, 2009

Studio Space

Great idea! Here's my space. It used to have my bed where the couch is at...but now that I have a bed that won't fit there (and is now in my livingroom), the space is now totally studio (aside from my small dresser that holds clothes). So I have shot from the door way looking towards the end of the room, then a shot from the couch (end of the room) towards the door, and a close up of my drawing table. :)


Steve Harpster said...

I wish I had a couch in my studio. I had one in an old studio of mine and it was great for reading, daydreaming and of course the occasional nap. Oh, and I like the leopard skin office chair. Where did you get that?

Carmen Keys said...

Looks like lots of work going on in there! ;) Is that one of those weird new Macs that has no computer tower? Coolness. Also looks like you get great light in there!