Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here's my studio space

It's one half of a very narrow and long room on the east side of the house. My husband commands the other half of the room. There's a window in front of the red basket (which has all my paintbrushes in it!) and opposite that is a step up and a door into the living room.

The white dresser is full of papers and knick knacks and cds. In the far left is a printer and a half sheet sized light table. The black mesh thing above the light table is a metal grid with hooks full of different templates and triangles and tape and cutting boards, etc...

The corner desk where the large monitor sits has shelves full of pads of papers, sketch books, tissue paper rolls and half completed paintings. Behind the white dresser are dozens of full sheets of watercolor paper in plastic sleeves awaiting the birth of paintings.

Tiny space, filled to the gills. :)


Steve Harpster said...

I'm going to have to get a metal grid for my rulers, triangles and French curves. What are all the framed pictures? They look like degrees or awards. Just curious.

You have a great studio.

Lyon said...

Awards, certificates, thank yous from clients, newspaper mentions of my books, a letter from a congressman, a calendar, a business license. Stuff accumulates over a life time.

I love the grid. I can see all my tools but they are put away!

Thanks. I spend hours a day in here, I have to keep the place tamed!

Christy said...

Yeah, I was wondering about all those awards too..:) Looks very impressive and prestigious.
I would love to have that much space. :) Thanks for sharing.

Carmen Keys said...

What a great little space for a studio! I'm jealous too, my studio is a corner of the bedroom. :)