Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rustle Hustle

With the large amount of work we must do, business cards, postcards, website, online galleries, etsy, illustration friday, projects, imagekind, artwanted, ebay, emails, phone calls....get my drift...what do you create or do to relax?

I never really had any hobbies, always saying my art was my hobby. I discovered I love cooking, and I'm actually good at it! O.O But I also started to paint flowers instead of figures, fantasy or children's.

What about you? What do you do to de-stress and stay sane? :)


Lyon said...

I read, cook, sew, quilt, surf the web, play with the cats, visit with the grandchildren and horrors - watch TV.

Carmen Keys said...

I've been crocheting a lot these days... just finished a bright and cheery flower garden afghan and now I'm crocheting amigurumi teapots -- one for my niece and one for me. ;)
I like to play my alto recorder too, though I don't do that as often as I should to keep in good practice!
Sometimes I just have to unplug and go outside and sit with the cats. I live in a hilly forest area, so I should make myself go out there more -- and work out there too, I'm sure the paintings would be fresher!

marikris said...

I read a lot. Fantasy. Romance. Romantic Fantasy. Young Adult fiction of the romantic fantasy variety. Hehe.

But seriously, I'm going to sound supremely nerdy and please feel free to judge me - but when I've had a really long day and I want to unwind, I put in a few hours of World of Warcraft PVP... There's nothing more satisfying than outplaying another player and dealing their character an internet-death mwhaha.

Steve Harpster said...

I play x-box 360 World At War. I also take my dogs for a walk every afternoon unless it's raining. I don't do rain, but the dogs don't understand that. I also love yard work. Mowing, mulching, watering...I really do enjoy that. I worked landscaping one summer and hated it and now I love it.

pete said...

Mainly, I try to herd my 2 children...and that rarely lends itself to creating sanity! :) But having said that, I love it more than any other hobby.

When they're sleeping, I paint. When I break from art I'll watch The Office, Arrested Development, or Lost episodes. I play a pretty mean guitar and drumkit on Guitar Hero. If I'm really lucky, I get to go fly fishing! My wife says I have too many hobbies, and I completely agree with her. I love to do too many things!