Monday, July 13, 2009


This is just a little character study, done in marker and photoshop to show one bear.


Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

I've always been a fan of animals with really stumpy arms and legs. It seems automatically cute. I don't know about that bear, but the 5 second rule dictates that the icecream would have still been good.

One thing i would suggest is that the icecream lean backwards in the first frame instead of forwards - or consequently, the icecream ends up falling in front of him (if it is leaning forward)...The first panel suggests what's going to happen, but then the payoff (the ice cream falling) ends up behind him even though his cone is still forward.

In any case, I like it - very cute character!

pete said...

I'm always impressed with your color decisions. They always seem to bring wrap your characters in happiness! :) I also like your decision to highlight the blue nose.

I think you could go further in showing that the bear ate the ice cream from the floor in the end - maybe leaving a small pool of melted ice cream or showing some of it dripping from his/her paws. To me, it's hard to be certain what the end result is - as if he/she is still left thinking about going back for those delicious few bites tragically dropped on the ground.

Also, the arms in the last frames seem to be attaching to the bear's body in funky ways - behind in him/her in the 5th frame and in front on the 6th. Locking onto some shoulders (as in the 3rd/4th frames) might help with consistency.

You did a great job of working in a story in the comic strip spirit. I might have to steal this idea from you to use for a revamped postcard instead of the typical card or dummy. I like that it shows how you can consistently draw the same character and keep its identifiable traits true. Excellent post!

Carmen Keys said...

I would totally eat the ice cream. ;)
I like how you've used varied frames for this, looks so much more interesting than if you had used uniform boxes! Also this bear guy is really cute with his big ol' nose.
It did take me a moment to understand why he was happy in frame 5, but I see he is making the most of his situation. I agree with Isaac that the ice cream dropping might read better if either leaning backwards or if it dropped in front.
Otherwise, this is great! Nice use of story in a little space!

Christy said...

Thanks guys...all good points as usual! I will definitely switch the arm attachments and the ice cream tilt. A puddle was a good thought, but I wasn't sure to put....maybe in the last walk away frame....hmmm...great ideas, all. :)