Monday, July 6, 2009

You Will Always Be

All finished! :) I thought I had posted the finished piece, but then I saw I haden't. Dunno how that happened. :/ Anyways, pushed the shadows in photoshop, a suggestion given to me in a critique. I think I like it. He showed me an example of this tweeking my piece "The Talisman", and I understood why. Really brought the focus on the light. Now my question the light too focused on here and do we loose the Tear Catcher (that's the child on the butterfly's name)?



Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

Very nice! great contrast between darks and lights - great flow coming out of the piece - there's a lot of movement and interest.

I quite like it!

Carmen Keys said...

Beautiful, Sara!! It really glows, and it feels balanced to me. There really is a lot to take in, so it is fun to look around and explore the piece.
Also yeah, I do think that the Tear Catcher loses some focus when so much of him is in shadow. Is there any way you could go in there with colored pencil or maybe just Photoshop, and make him glow a bit? Or make his butterfly glow? I think you could definitely push the illuminated parts of the butterfly's wings more.
Now that I know the boy is a Tear Catcher, it gave a whole new dimension to this piece. I love it. When the tears go through the catcher and the Light shines on them, they turn into rainbow streamers! Yay!

marikris said...

This is SO awesome!!!! I agree with Carmen about the boy on the butterfly fading too much into the background though. You could probably set a layer to screen in Photoshop, mask the whole thing and just paint him in. Or paint the round part of the tear catcher he's holding in, so it looks like there's a slight glow that trails over the boy - that might give him a little more pop. I honestly think it will take very little to make him stand out.

Ugh, this is just so well done!! I loved seeing it from start to finish.

<3 Kris

pete said...

I agree that this turned out very well! Excellent! The characters are endearing and the image definitely tells a story! It's very magical! :)

It's hard to know how the light turned without seeing the original to compare it by.

I like the richness of the colors, but pushing the shadows, to me, has made the line weights inconsistent throughout (as compared to your earlier post). In particular, the lines of the largest butterfly's body are very dark, which leads my eyes right there first. Then the smaller guys are heavier than the second largest butterfly.

I also agree that the Tear Catcher is getting lost. There's lots going on right in that area of the page - Maybe darkening the blackness of the space field behind would make it pop more (or a less textured wash of color).

Your ability to blend the blackness of space and the starlight is quite impressive! That looks really tough to do. I also love the radiant light's a great way to show the movement of the light. Very creative!

Patti said...

This is really beautiful. I do agree with Carmen . I would like to see the boy on the butterfly pop a bit more with some highlights.