Thursday, July 30, 2009

Late Night Television Monsters

Here's my newest illustration for a book that I am working writing right now. Well, I will be writing it, I have another book to finish first then this one will be waiting in the wings. The working steps to this painting can be seen on my blog.


Christy said...

Wow Steve. This is great. I love seeing the characters in a setting. It really shows off all your talent. I like the story so far and I love all the little details like the chipped fingernail and planes. The only thing that struck me as off was how the baseball cap was impaled almost on the bed. LOL I love the lighting, the scene, all of it basically. Well done. I can't wait to see the story done.

Patti said...

Steve, Love this. The expressions are really fun. The only thing I might change is to make the bed really weighted down by the monster sitting on it. Your setting of the bedroom is really great.

pete said...

Awesome work. The composition is very interesting and I enjoy the way you've incorporated objects in the fore/background. Very effective! Also, as stated by Christy, the details are great fun. I also like seeing your line work included in the painting.

If anything, I'd say go darker with your shadows to increase the intensity of the scene...or maybe more exaggerated gradation. Also, the closet monster feels flat to me. It'd be interesting to see how it'd play if you hid more of his face in shadows and focused on his bright eyes.

All in all, its very impressive.

Carmen Keys said...

Ha ha, I love this. The details rock, love the little skull sticker on the little boy's door! This really does have an authentic little boy's room atmosphere. As usual the monsters are comical and enjoyable to look at.
What if both monsters had yellow eyes? I really like how they pop from the monster behind the door, and perhaps the purple one would like it too.
I agree about punching up the darks for more contrast in the shadows.
Ha ha, the expression on the boy's face is funny!

marikris said...

Great comments above! I agree with everything that has been said (especially, "Wow, Steve." Lol). One thing I will add is maybe lowering the opacity of the brush for the light being emitted by the TV so we can see a little bit of background. At the moment, the light looks a little too corporeal, a little thick.

(Haha, I just looked at the light again, and straight into the closet monster's crazy eyes. What a trip!)

Steve Harpster said...

Thanks for all your comments on this one. It was a blast working on this even though I had other things I should be working on. Funny how that happens.