Thursday, July 30, 2009

Take A Bow

This was a little girl I was playing with. Most of my little girls end up with long blonde hair and bangs---must be my DD creeping in there. LOL


Carmen Keys said...

This is a very cute spot illustration, Christy. I love the color scheme, nice complementing purple and yellow and a black for good contrast. I also like her wacky fashion sense, with the stripes and polka dots.
What jumps out to me critwise is her hands -- when most people curtsy, they hold the very edge of the fabric instead of taking a fist full of it, so we'd be seeing her whole hand with thumbs and fingers pinching the top of the fabric at those corners. You could even do thumb and one fingers with the others out a bit (like drinking tea with your pinky out) to make a more "dainty"/silly look to it.
She sure looks like a little drama princess! Heheh. I like the oval frame too, it really completes the composition.

marikris said...

Hi, christy. I agree with Carmen on the amount of fabric one holds during a curtsy. Holding too much makes it look less like a curtsy and more like she's lifting her skirt to show it off. Also, the front foot points a little too far. Unless that's purposeful, like she's doing a plie? I love the dots and the background. I wish there was a little bit on her skirt just to break up the brown. Really cute, Christy :) Cant wait to see her finished.

pete said...

Well done, Christy. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I always enjoy your color combinations. Also, I think the wardrobe is well planned.

I think it'd be interesting to see a pattern on her shoes similar to the pattern on her bow. Something about the waist down, on her, looks unbalanced in comparison to the interesting patterns above.

I like her posture and I think her bangs are just fine! :) I also enjoy the way you've framed her with pink. Nice job!