Saturday, July 4, 2009

Adam's Dream - Sketch

While waiting on moving forward with the portrait piece I started to draw this one yesterday. My thought process was like usual. Start with a object/being and then build a story around that. I wanted to do something in regards to Illustration Friday, but the word "Shaky" just wasn't inspiring me. A friend of mine who is expecting was going to commission me to draw a piece for her nursery. Tho that is still something we want to do, now is not the time. So that inspired me.

If you want all of the details as far as my process and the story that it became visit my blog (kind of a long post so didn't want to take up room here and it was going on my blog anyway)

I'm having fun with this and would love any feedback or more details that could possibly be added. I'm going to work on a smaller illustration (maybe a spot) to go along with this one. :)


pete said...

This is a very lovely sketch, Sara! The animals look just about perfect and there's lots to search out in the details - like the insects and that little winged character on the left.

Let's see...I can tell there's a story going on here! I think all of the characters in this scene are important, so I guess I'd say don't crop out the fairy guy's wings. He's got a very mysterious presence in the scene. It make me wonder whether he's following or joining in some journey. Maybe he deserves a more dominant role in his placement? Just a suggestion...also, to me his mass would be pulling the blade of grass he's on downward more...unless it could be converted to a twig, or a more structured something.

I think it's great. You've got a very versatile stye! I can't wait to see how you handle the color!

Patti said...

You really capture mood with your images. This is really lovely.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

sigh...another giraffe seems like all we do on this board is giraffe pictures now...


But seriously - I like this one! Your giraffe is almost as realistic as the one I did.

I really like the solid weight to both animals - the giraffe and the unicorn are very well drawn. And the giraffe has a face with eyelid down and the upturn to the mouth that let it stay a giraffe, but still give it some personality - so I think it's great that you were able to work in such subtlety.

I agree with Pete about not cutting off the wings of the fairy...Other than that...I don't see anything 'wrong' - just watch the tangents and keep on going with this one! It looks terrific! It makes me want to draw stuff with more detail!

Carmen Keys said...

This is such an interesting image, full of cool things to look at! I also love the concept of a little boy's hopes and dreams, kind of reminds me of Fantasia in my very favorite movie, The Neverending Story. :)
The composition looks good and the animals as usual are impeccable. I agree with Isaac and Pete about the fairy also -- in fact I might move him further down and in to the painting so that he doesn't get cut off even more by matting or the print bleed. Where he is now, he looks placed there kind of as an afterthought even though his pose is indeed mysterious. His mysteriousness could be much more emphasized if he were more prominently placed.
Also I was kind of wondering about the angle of the cowboy hat & strings. Not a super big deal as I can see how it could be swinging forward as the giraffe walks, but it seems more of a gentle walk to me and the breeze is blowing everything else in the opposite direction. Maybe if it were swinging to the left instead?
I wonder what you will choose for colors! This is going to be awesome!

Christy said...

I love the detail. I am curious about the castle and the fairy too...I definitely think he should be more featured and maybe have a friend. He looks kind of lonely. Are there plans to add any more animals to the parade? As always your design and layout are great and I want to see it done. :)