Thursday, July 2, 2009

YA Look

This is something I did to try to build some images that are more YA for my portfolio. I love painting faces! I've been playing with the type. I am trying to get it to look like it is written with a finger on the glass. Any suggestions are appreciated.


sara.b said...

I really like this piece Patti. Especially with all of the blue and the brown. As for the finger writing on glass, if you add some drops where the finger lifts off I think it'll add some more believability and explain what you're trying to do. Great job on the fabric too! That's so hard to do! :D

pete said...

I agree with Sara's idea about drops near the bottom of the text strokes. I think your attempt definitely plays as water. You say you love to paint faces and it shows - I think what we like to do the best always shows through in the final product! The colors are also beautiful.

If anything, it looks to me like the kid's hoodie sleeve might be slightly overdone, regarding the wrinkles and shadow. However, I could see it actually being that wrinkled in a photo reference/life setting, so not a big deal overall.

You did a really nice job of making colors close in value not blend. It's somewhat monochromatic but your colors are all playing nice with each other! :) Excellent post, Patti!

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

I really like the realism and the character - you rendered it quite well! I agree with the use of drippage from the ends of each finger marked stroke...if you're lucky enough, maybe its raining right now and you can just run over and slap some words onto your own window to see how it works exactly...In any case, I'm sure you'll figure it out - great job so far!

Carmen Keys said...

Oh, this is a great piece for YA books! It looks like a book cover already. Fantastic job on the realism, gorgeous colors, mood, and the wetness of the glass. It all comes through very well.
You could definitely push the writing more -- I Googled "writing on rainy window" and got some interesting image results. Found this beautiful photo on someone's blog:
And you can see how the elements of the background come through the writing in sharper contrast than in the rest of the window. There are also tiny droplets inside the writing. I'll bet you could play with that sort of thing to make it more realistic for sure.
This is such a great piece! I can feel this boy's boredom and dejectedness.

Carmen Keys said...

Argh, maybe this link will work better:

Patti said...

I am going to check this out. I was thinking about looking for some images online to get a better idea of how this would look. Thanks for the link!