Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blog post notification?

Has anyone figured out if it's possible to get an email whenever someone posts a new image to the blog? I keep forgetting to go check, and an email would help ... Also, I just posted a sketch to the private board that desperately needs a critique - please help! Thanks.

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marikris said...

I haven't found one for posts, unfortunately, but I subscribe to the feed with Firefox and I have it on my toolbar. That way I just mouse over it to see if there are new posts. The only problem I have is with the secret board, since when I try to subscribe, it tells me I do not have permission to view the board. Not too much of a problem though, since I just mosey onto there when I go to the public board anyway.

If you follow many different blogs, you can also just bookmark your blogger page. Neither of these solutions are really what you're asking for, though :(