Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Working on a lot of stuff.

Most of it isn't either something I can show and/or children's illustration.

My last coloring page went out a few weeks ago and I can share that.

I have also been doing the Daily Doodle Challenge since late May (I think). It's a sketch done in 30 minutes or less of anything but has to be done in ink and no erasing. For the month of Sept. I've been working on facial expressions. Until yesterday. I hurt my thumb and can't hold anything in my drawing hand. So I am resting it.

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But the truly exciting news is that I received the text for my next picture book (Aug 2010) which I will be starting on as soon as the hand feels better. And I will love to have your comments in the back room when I have stuff to post.

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sara.b said...

Sorry to hear about your thumb Lyon. :/ That's gotta be frustrating! I truly enjoy the color page (wanna do that some day, make a coloring book), and find the portrait to be full of character! It takes a lot of motivation to sketch every day...literally.

Congrats on a new book and I really hope your thumb gets better soon! :)