Friday, September 4, 2009


I'm battling with my nemesis, the creative block. It came on pretty strong whilst trying to paint this illo...

Now this is a WIP, but I feel like the colors/values are *all wrong* and I am not sure if I should try to salvage it or just start the whole thing over. Thoughts?


Patti said...

I like this. I think the girl in all the warm colors is a nice contrast to the cooler and spookier background. The little white bird seems a little out of place unless that would be something from the story.

marikris said...

I'm with Patti on this. I think the girl's coloring balances the crazy warmth of the windows and the vortex above it. Maybe make the purple vortex a little darker the closer it gets to her side of the illo, and add a bit of purple shadows to the tree (that would help differentiate the values of the tree branches from her hair, too). An overall darkness to the background on her side just so she stands out and we get more of the creepy vibe, and focus on her more than the background.

I do also think the white bird stands out a bit flatly (but it's a WIP so I 'm not sure what shading plans you have for it).

It's looking real good, Carmen. I really dig your style!

pete said...

Hi Carmen! I really like this illustration. Funny how we sometimes feel like what we create is not our best work when others feel its strong.

First off, her expression is awesome. Her hair looks great and really sets the ambience for the piece. I can feel the crispness of the cool air!

I think the colors are nice, but I feel like the night sky, including the vortex, could be darker. That might bring out your main character more...but its good as is, in my opinion. I also feel like there should be a moon or star in that vortex.

I was also intrigued by the white bird.

Nice work, Carmen!

Lyon said...

Oh my gosh! This is beautiful. I think you are beating yourself up and should stop right now. :)