Thursday, September 24, 2009

Illustration Friday Challenge

I'm back, up, and running! Whoo! After about a month of getting life back together, getting on track, and placing my behind into a schedule, I'm ready to take off. I've been keeping up with the blog, tho not posting, but reading (they come through my email), and we've been quiet for over a week.

So I CHALLENGE YOU! hehe And me. :P

I challenge each member of this board to post a WIP for this upcoming Illustration Friday word. Dunno what it is yet, but once it is posted find 15mins and sketch something out. Even if it isn't a finished sketch, so what! Hey, you got the sketch done, that's post-able! It would be awesome to see everyone submit to IF this upcoming week. :) I really hope everyone is doing well, and have LOTS of work to do (which is why none of us are posting right? ^_- ). God bless and talk soon!


Carmen Keys said...

Hm, sounds like fun! I think it's good to think of Illustration Fridays as a real assignment with a real deadline (when one is not packed with regular paid assignments anyway!), and I would like to get into a groove of doing that regularly. Keeping in practice and such.

Carmen Keys said...

Oh, and I mustn't forget -- your Infinite illustration is beautiful! You have such a way with light sources and atmosphere.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

oh no...couldn't you have said this about last week's word? I'll try and think something up for pattern...but it won't be pretty!

nicbrek said...

I am going to try to create something over the weekend for Illustration Friday. I'll post once I'm through with it. Thanks for the reminder!!