Monday, September 7, 2009

It's been pretty quiet lately ~

So I thought I'd post some things I've been working on. Actually, like some people, I'm on a rut with illustration. But to get over that, I'd been doing some simple (stylized) character sketches, trying out new a new style and looking at Klimt, who is pretty up there in the Great Greats for me.

When I'm not drawing, I photograph. It helps when I'm stuck in one to do the other. They basically just inspire each other so that's a plus.

So what about you guys? How's summer treating you? Hope all is well ~



sara.b said...

Kris, these are stunning and beautiful! I adore Klimt as well and can see the textile and stylization coming through your work. I am really lovin' the birdies. hehe :P And your photography! Wow! Who knew that was a talent. Thank you so much for sharing!

Whew, is over so now I'm trying to get my life back into order...mainly work wise. No more wedding planning! Whoo hoo! :P

marikris said...

Yeay, Sara! Congratulations! I'd LOVE to see your wedding pictures. I troll wedding forums on my spare time. Thought about maybe one day dipping a foot in, but it's too scary lol. Hard to control!

Carmen Keys said...

Oh, I LOVE your Klimt-styled work. Add me to the list of Klimt admirers. You've got such cool textures in both pieces!
Also wonderful photography, you clearly have a talent for portraiture. The middle one I like especially. Great work!

Christy said...

Very nice Kris and way different than usual. :) I like them both, but the bottom one is my how her hair creeps around and the bird on it. LOL

The photos are great too...:) Need ya to come over and make me look that good. LOL

marikris said...

Thank you, guys! And Christy, if you ever swing by Houston, let me know. I would love to photograph you (any of you guys too!) ^_^