Friday, September 25, 2009


Hello everyone, I've been away for a while since we are moving once again. We are still in MD but at a different area. The move is taking longer than expected. I've been keeping myself busy experimenting with new characters and a softer look to my digital illustrations. The good news is that I recently signed a contract with a local publisher to have a picture book illustrated, titled "Celebrations". I am hoping to go with a style as shown above. This technique will help me reduce my work time in half. Hope everything pans out. Good to be back after so long. I apologize for my long absence.


sara b. said...

Hello!!! Love it!!! Colors are beautiful and I really enjoy this style. CONGRATS on the book!!!! How exciting is that!!! Please post in the shhh section so we can watch your progress and help you out anywhere we can. :D

So SO happy for you!!

nicbrek said...

Thanks Sara. I'm really excited about this project. I'll be working on polishing the sketches and will post something soon.

pete said...

Ditto on the congratulations for the book! That's great!

I like your illustration. The background is fun and busy, and I like your color choices for her dress.

As far a critiques go, my eyes are immediately drawn to her hair. And on the right side of her head (her left) her hair looks flat to me. Not sure whether this is created by wind or not, but it jumps at me.

Also, the right shoulder (her left again) seems to be a bit too high. If she's shrugging, then you might want to make it more clear. It kinda feels like it's just floating there now.

I like her body position in general. You've taken a 3/4 pose and made something interesting out of it. I like your use of wind to create movement.