Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcome-Illustration Friday Post

Hi guys, Sorry to fall off the face of the earth. I had some medical/personal issues within the past 2 months and it time crept up on me. All is well now and I am fine, so I hope to get back in the art swing again. :)
This is the only thing I have really painted recently and I am not thrilled with it, so I might try again. It ended up much darker than I anticipated.


marikris said...

Hi, Christy! I'm glad you're back and ok!

I love the way the red leaves pop and how you used the negative space. I think you're right about it being too dark, mainly at the bottom of the trees. It makes me think "ominous," like a dark, murky fog creeping up on her.

I'd position her away from the lone tree behind her as well, as the negative spaces of the trunk and her hands start melding together. Is there supposed to be a slit on her dress to show a leg? There's a white space on our left hand side of her dress that is making me think of a leg. I'm also not sure if she's pregnant or if it's just a stylized just of her hip.

Anyway, I hope you're taking it easy! Looking forward to seeing more :)


Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

I like it - the trees in the background add a lot of interest - the blackness of the ground and the overall darkness add to the more somber tone of the piece. I like the curve of the woman which helps offset the tall straight trees.

It's definitely a nice stylized simple piece. I quite like it.