Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some sketches

Everything I post here was done on the computer so I decided to take some sketchbook pics for the heck of it. I've been watching the baby a lot lately and while doing the daddy thing I make sure to have a sketchbook with me. This is a brown color erase pencil and a white charcoal pencil and lots of spray fixative on this recycled brown paper sketchbook that I bought at Utrecht art supplies. I know the holidays are crazy busy and it's easy to forget to get busy in those sketchbooks.


Steve Harpster said...

Oops, before someone tells me I'm stealing another artists style. The top pic of the one eyed monster is my attempt to recreate the stylings of Travis Louie, my favorite artist. Make sure to check out his site and blog, really awesome work. The link is on my blog or just google it.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

! How funny! I was actually going to say that you should check out Travis Louie!

That's pretty cool though because you really do capture the feel of a travis louie, but through the eyes (or eye) of your style.

Anyhow - nice sketches. I always like how your characters have emotion and seem very full and round and solid. And, of course, I love the eyeballs. I'm currently working on a piece where my eyeballs are starting to really do something that I'm satisfied with. And I'll be posting that either tonight or tomorrow morning.

pete said...

Great sketches, Steve.

I like how you accent the highlights with the white color. Really brings out the contrast and shows that you take your light sourcing seriously!

You seem to have an endless supply of monster ideas!