Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Character WIP

Here is a character I am working on for a picture book I wrote. The story calls for him to have a simple body and be a cute bully. When kids see him on the cover I want them to immediately pick up the book and say, “He’s a very silly winged creature who looks like alot of trouble.”

He needs to be good at snatching and sneaking around ; maybe tiptoeing to be unnoticed, jumping out and scaring people, and then quickly vanishing with their belongings. He needs to be a skilled flyer and builder.

What do you think? I feel like he is missing some kind of sparkle, but it may just be me. Also what color should I make his finger and toe nails? They need to be very long. Thanks everyone.


Steve Harpster said...

The one character has lips and the last character does not. Just something I noticed right off the bat.

Is he supposed to be evil? Or a bad guy? Because his eyes are very soft and cute, I don't think I would be very afraid of him. Also that hat and dreads make him look Jamaican.

To make him more fiendish I would change the eye shape and play with the mouth.

But remember I don't really know the story so maybe this character fits the script perfectly.

Patti said...

His hat is very Rasta! I think overall he does come off as a cute trouble maker. I would make the lips more consistant, but I think overall he seems to fit what you've described.

nicbrek said...

I'm happy you all pointed out that he looks Jamaican with dreadlocks because that was my intentions here with the rasta hat and all. He is also suppose to be a little giant which makes him just tower over the other characters a bit.

Steve, The first character I drew looked really mean so much so that someone mentioned he looked demented and might spook kids out. I thought maybe I'll be offending Rastafarians or kids reading the story so I went with a cute look. Maybe I can keep this look and really give him mean expressions?

Thanks for noticing the lack of lips.

Christy said...

He is very well done Nic. I agree the last one needs lips, but overall he looks consistent. I like his action and body, but maybe the eyes could be a little meaner or edgier...maybe more squarish or with hard lines instead of soft rounded edges. I hope you keep us posted in how it works.