Thursday, December 17, 2009

the landing is done

Hey there...this took forever to complete...I was half way through coloring and still ended up changing the background A LOT (thanks to Steve's suggestions...I don't think I did exactly what he said, but it was enough to make me want to clear things up and the line that the panda was on turned into a tree branch...but because the other trees didn't have branches, I had to redesign the other tree which meant that more of the background showed)...

Anyway - I'd like your thoughts, because I want to use this as the front side of my postcard. Also anyone have any ideas as to when one should send a postcard this time of the year? The only reason I ask is that I remember reading somewhere that art directors and publishers and editors are bombarded at Christmas and through January because everyone has that time off and everyone suddenly has time to finish up that book or postcard and sends it off. I'm thinking of at least waiting until January 10th or so before sending something. I definitely don't want to send it now because of all the holidays and it's going to just sit at their office under a pile of other slush.

So, with all that said, does anyone else have any other ideas about sending postcard?


Steve Harpster said...

That looks great. I like how you showed the parachute getting stuck int he tree. Reads very clearly. My only comment is on the tree to the right. Everything in this pic is so well defined but that tree is kind of boring. That said, if you put your logo there or some verbiage it would break up that overwhelming green shape. Since this is a postcard I sort of figured that's what you were going to do.

I have this program called Stat Tracker that I bought online that is great for typing addresses. I have all my labels in that program and I can alter or change them as clients move or leave their jobs. Hope that helps.

pete said...


I was going to suggest adding a pole for the lines going across the top of your initial drawing, but I think your tree branch is a much more effective solution! Great!

I like the balance of the figures in the picture. The tree Steve mentions does seem to be competing with the other characters - maybe lightening its colors would send it back. The panda and raccoon have very light colors and the bear? (brown guy) and tree have such saturated color that they seem to be having a standoff (dividing the image in half). Not sure if you could flip the positions of the bottom characters somehow.

I really like how you've handled the shadows under the chair. I think the image is great and will make a great mailer. Best of luck!