Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You Will Always Be - WIP

Here's my current piece in progress. I have another one, but this is priority. I would love some feedback about the composition, movement, and perspective. I have upped my expectations for my work. After finishing "The Talisman" (below) I have decided to either go highly into detail, or incredibly loose and relaxed with very little detail. It's so hard to choose! I enjoy both, so I'm promoting both. But my highly detailed work lacks in the qualities needed in children's books...I feel anyways. I really enjoy the whimsy of this piece and look forward to moving on with it. But it's been awhile, with my work, to have some feedback. So I'm not going to go to ink until I either sit and ponder a bit on it, or have some feedback. :) Thanks!

Here's "The Talisman"


Pixiewinkle said...

Sara, the colors are fabulous, they work really well with the piece, and definitely give me the feel of a "Sara B" piece.

I am all for whimsical (as you can see from my work) so I think that you should experiment with it. I think that it would be most interesting to mix the two- detail in places where it is important and blur and relax the other areas where you want looseness and movement. It isn't easy to find the perfect balance, but I think that it will work well with what I see.

I love the top piece. The stars and lines give it flow and movement. I think that I would like the moon to hang a little lower and have the two characters next to it come down a little bit. I don't know how you are going to ink it in in that area, but I feel like the lines heading towards the winking sun is too much empty space. This might completely change once you color it.

Can't wait to see it!

pete said...

Okay, let me start off by stating that the Talisman is absolutely beautifully rendered. It's very impressive and I have a hard time understanding what you think is lacking in that highly-developed style. It seems very complete to me! :) If I was voting, I'd say go for the high detail if you enjoy it more.

I also enjoy the whimsy of your WIP. I think the composition is fine as well as the perspective. I have a hard time figuring out what is behind the planet/star face, supporting the tip-toeing fairy gal, but I'm certain you'll resolve that with color.

I love the playfulness of this image. The faces and characterization is very fun. If one thing seems out of place to me, it'd be that planet/moon on the swing. Any reservations about increasing it's mass and stressing the seat and ropes of the swing? I think that might add to the drama. The swings determine the scale over there and the boy's size relating to that space body are throwing me a tad.

You have awesome line work. How do you keep your paper so clean? Mine always turns into a mess.

...and welcome back, too! :)

Carmen Keys said...

I do love your "Talisman" piece, SO gorgeous and shimmery. Love how you do scales. There is certainly a place for detailed work in children's books I think. (Like Anne Yvonne Gilbert, super detailed!)
I understand that need for two styles that are a little bit different though, they just seem to fuel eachother. And for any of your paintings, no matter the style, they all shout "Sara!!!" so that is a good thing.
I love the whimsy in your sketch up top. I know with the way you paint intersecting circles, the big moon is going to look awesome. Compositionally, right now to me it seems a bit scattered -- I am betting this will change when you paint it. I am just not completely certain where the main focus is, but I think it is on the butterfly boy? Perhaps if he were larger, or maybe just glowing bright when you paint him.
This is such a wonderfully whimsical, dreamy piece! The little boy with the guitar makes me smile. :)

Patti said...

I love the bottom piece. It is really beautiful. As far as the composition goes on the piece on top the only thing I might consider is making the bigger butterfly even bigger to bring it even more to the forefront, so it feels even closer to the viewer and creates even more depth. It is really lovely and I can't wait to see the finish!

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

What about a book like Flotsam (wasn't that what it was called? ) - it was highly detailed and impressively drawn - and it won the bloke a caldecott. Okay - I just looked it up - it's by David Wiesner...and when I saw your piece I was reminded of his - just beautiful fantasy underwater illustrations.

I love this Talisman piece! I can't believe how well you use watercolor! It's incredible! Great fish - terrific kid character...just amazing!

As for the new piece - it's a bit harder to tell what is going on, but only because we don't know the story...I mean - you can really feel the movement in the piece...and my eye is drawn to the kid in the butterfly...would the winking moon character be looking at him to help the viewer's eye move that way?

I think the only other thing I could add is to be very mindful of tangents with all those stars and butterflies!

And I vote for more details (as I said in my first paragraph)...while there is a lot of simplistic stuff out there - you can really set yourself apart by having these incredibly detailed pieces...

Christy said...

Sara, your work leaves me shaking my head and going "Dang, how does she do that so quickly and so beautifully!!!" If you can paint like Talisman, then go for it. It is a gorgeous piece and so representative of your creativity and amazing style. I love your details and they seem to be you....:)