Thursday, June 4, 2009

Promo Postcards, oh my!

So I'm getting ready to do the promo postcard thing... I've ordered a small amount already to see how they look, but as I am not the most clever designer in the world I thought I would see how they could be improved for the future. This is what I have right now...


And, as an alternate for the front:

What do you think? Should more be going on in the front of the cards? Font? I was thinking that putting a child on the front since there is an animal on the back would show more diversity, but I do like the squirrel & bird illustration. But maybe that is too many animals, I don't know.
Also, are most of you doing art sample packets first before sending out postcards as a reminder, or are you just doing the postcards straight off?
Thanks for the help!


sara.b said...

They look fantastic Carmen! I'm excited to see them in postcard format. I prefer the squirrels...I find them incredibly charming and full of narrative. Do you have another image of a child that you could put on the back instead of the mouse (those she is very charming as well!). What about the girl dancing with the dog? Or cut out the girl sitting (used for first design) and place her on the back. OR! Just stick with the mouse. :P

I personally hate doing postcards, so much to choose from and they are such a commitment, they're terrifying.

As for design (font/placement), on the front of the first postcard I would turn the web address to where it's horizontal at the upper right. If they post this on their bulletin board you want them to be able to read it.

For the back, the header and second line seem a bit squished. Try to make the same amount of space as you did between the two lines for your portfolio address.

And for the second design, I would try to bring out your web address a bit more. Remember, good rule of thumb that you should be able to read the text from about 10 feet. The white might not be strong enough. Maybe place an outer glow (that's a shadow color) around it..make it stick out more?

That's all I can see. I think the layouts look great and I really hope work comes from these!

God bless!

Patti said...

My favorite is the little girl. I think I would do something with the web address though. What if you make it look like it is blowing on the breeze. I like the inside image as well. Very Sweet!

pete said...

I think you're getting great suggestions on fonts/placement. I've only sent one batch of postcards out (I'm planning on sending more in a month) but I tend to not get to crazy about design. I try to make whatever I place on the card second to the art being showcased. I like Sara's suggestion about primarily making sure the words are strong enough to send out. Other than that, I wouldn't worry...your illustrations are great!

I prefer your second image for a mailer mostly on the basis of how you used color. I like how your first one has a kid and animals (2 birds--one stone), but I think the warmth of the colors in the second image trumps that. I also think the composition is more interesting, including foliage, drops, and teeny tiny humanly stuff.

Don't get me wrong...I really like the first too, so I don't think you'll be making a mistake either way.

Pixiewinkle said...

Carmen- I'm a big fan of the little girl with the cats. I love the feeling and thoughts that seem to be going on in her head. The only thing that I would like to see is her feet with shoes. Is their any way you can bring them in the picture?

On the back instead of the mouse I think you should switch in the squirrel with the umbrella. It is simple and has a wonderful smile.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

I like the pics!

I agree with the text placement - on the little girl one, the website placement should be changed.

I think with mailers that one should, if they're including more than one image (one on the front, and one on the back) that the two images should relate to each other.

One thing that sticks with me from the conference I went to in San Diego back in February is how They want to be sure you can not just draw one pretty picture, but a series that relate to each other and can be put into a book. So I think a stronger postcard would be having an illustration on the back that continues the front drawing's story.

Carmen Keys said...

These are great suggestions guys, thanks! I'm working on revisions.
The one with the daydreaming girl doesn't have shoes in the original picture either -- but I think because of the bleed factor even more of her foot will be cut off anyway. Might not look as bad.
Hm, good point Isaac about continuity on the front and back. So many options!!

Christy said...

I agree with all the suggestions. I like the girl, but maybe go with what Sara said and I like the text blowing in the wind. :) Your work is charming as always.

I haven't sent any postcards or samples to anyone yet, so I am interested to know what people suggest. Maybe we can ask again in another post and get a general consensus. :)