Friday, June 12, 2009

Quirky Stuff

These are two characters I am trying to develop. They are suppose to be relaxing at the beach. I feel like it is almost too calm despite of the beach being a calm and peaceful place. How does it look so far? What could I possibly add or change to make things a bit more active or engaging? Thank you.


Christy said...

Hi, I like the matching shades. :) I like her outfit and freckles. The only thing might be the rug looks so still compared to the hair. Something about the hair's perfection too...My hair doesn't blow so beautifully...LOL It kind of moves all around.
They do look very relaxed though and I like the overall feel. It could be a bit more active however...maybe her foot up with a bent knee or his foot up? I love your use of detail and color...very nice.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

I like it! Great textures and color!

I think it's hard to do a piece where you're looking at a character straight on - They tend to flatten out. The shadows coming out of them might help to add a knee up, or something that helps give it more dimension - I know the cup is sort of doing that, butt it could use more...

Also the blanket/towel seems to taper a bit from one end to the other (or is that just my imagination?) - meaning that it looks like one end (the left side) is thinner than the right side.

And the only thing that really concerns me is that the girl's hair kind of blurs at the ends. It feels like it should be crisper or more solid...maybe it was done to give it a motion look, but I find it distracting - it looks like photoshop, whereas the rest of the piece just looks like a solid coloring job

marikris said...

The first thing that catches my eyes is the color: I love green and pink complimentary, but somehow you managed to pick really great shades, not too bright and perfectly toned.

I am not sure how to make it more engaging to the viewers, but I do have other observations.

First, I would like to see her feet. I think that would round out the similarity and the cool factor of their poses.

Second, the shadows are a bit off. Looking at the drink to our right, the shadow is more diffused, making me think of a cloudier sky. The even skin tone as well contributes to the overall feeling that there is not a VERY strong sense of light. (I always associate lighting with photography so here goes: the best time to take a picture of people is during cloudy or hazy days because you don't get harsh shadows from the sun. Easiest way to avoid raccoon eyes lol). The bigger the light source or the more diffused the light, the more diffused the shadow; the smaller or closer the light, the harder the shadow.

The hard lines of shadow next to the girl and the monkey contrasts with the lack of highlight and the shadow cast by the drink. Also, specially by the girl's elbow on her left, the shadow makes them appear as if they're not completely on the same plane as the cloth, as if they're just slightly floating above it. My 2 cents, though, I love the diffused lighting, so I would just diffuse the shadows instead of adding highlight.

I can't wait to see the end result. I think you did an amazing job with detail - the stripes, the polka dots. Love it!!

nicbrek said...

Thanks for the feedback and ideas. Will post the updated version in my signature style soon.

pete said...

I like the colors you've chosen - everything fits nicely. Not sure if you've already gone ahead with your alterations, but the length of her top arm bones (humerus???) seem a bit long.

I greatly enjoy the interesting perspective and how you've incorporated detail. That monkey's got some cute hands and feet! The girls expression is also well captured. Can't wait to see the updated version!

Carmen Keys said...

This is really a cute image, I love the sunglasses and the similar poses of the girl and monkey. Very relaxing, I want to be there too!
I was just going to say that the hair's gradients/texture makes it look way more 3-D than the rest of the illustration -- maybe harden up the edges and not have such a soft shine on it? Not sure what changes you've made already.
Colors are wonderful on this, too, it reminds me of watermelon and a warm summer day.