Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm Back!!

Heya everyone!

So my vacation is over. *sigh* Not much of one, but got a lot done! I won't bore you with wedding planning details and work details. But a lot of work was done...thank you for being so supportive of it too. I've noticed quite a bit of conversation which is great! Glad to see you keeping it up, it's very encouraging.

I want to address what's on my mind about this group. I would love to see us getting more involved. I don't know how many critique groups we're all associated with, and it gets very busy with Facebook, Twitter, our websites, etc. But I feel that we should all post something once a week. A sketch, wip, finished piece, website updates, news, anything. I was tempted to give us projects, but I know myself that's a high expectation. I wouldn't even be able to keep that up.

So here's the idea and I ask in the highest regards of all of you. I feel incredibly blessed to see how high this group has blossomed and find you all very important pieces.

Post at least once a week. It must be related to our work, but it doesn't have to be a piece of artwork. It can be a great resource site, a personal website update, a portfolio question, anything. This business is more than just creating art dontcha know.

Also we keep getting interest in people wishing to become members. So I opt that if there are no posts within 30 days by any member they are asked to move on and leave, with the greatest respects. A leave with notice is fine. We all need that (I suggest it) every now and then. But I would love to add people who wish to be a part of this group. And if we have room, the better.

Which brings me to my last wondering. Do you guys feel good with the number of people we have or do you want a few more? Just give me your thoughts.

Matter of fact, please post whether your for these ideas or against. No feelings will be hurt. We're a family here and everyone's opinion counts.

Happy to be back and I'll post my WIP separately. :) Miss ya guys!


pete said...

I'm for it...anything to keep me accountable or remind me how much I'm getting done is most appreciated! And I really enjoy seeing what our members create.

As far as numbers go, I say the more the merrier if all contribute. On the flipside, it might get difficult to keep up with/comment on posts if we get too big...but I'm not sure what that number should be. I feel like we still have space to swell up.

marikris said...

I'm with Pete on this. I do think we still have room as well since we still have some downtime on posts. I guess we should take it a few new members at a time - or a couple? That way we'll definitely know when threads are becoming too hard to keep up with so we can stop getting more members right away. It's hard to give a definite number without seeing how much people actually post.

Carmen Keys said...

Quite right, Sara. I've been far too lax these days myself with posting new work here! And I need it so much, so perhaps some accountability would really be helpful here.
I think we have a bit of room still, also!

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

yeah - us jerks should be drawing one a week or something shouldn't be too least 3 posts a month, eh?

I don't think we should have many if any more members - as it can get a little daunting to go through and critique them all...I mean it's fine when one isn't busy - but this month I have a children's board game to color, a gallery show to produce, I just finished a freelance project, as well as my nickelodeon job - so there doesn't leave much time to scan the web...and I'm sure everyone else has something similar (as in being busy)...not that we can't say something about who's on here currently...but it would be harder to jump in if there are that many more people...

the end.

Christy said...

I have definitely slipped here, so I apologize and I should be back in the swing of things. I think there is room for 1 or 2 more members since not all of us post everyday. I think we should also committ to commenting more too...not just posting. :)

Welcome back from your vacation and glad the wedding plans are going well. :)