Monday, July 12, 2010

stupid Diary topic

This illustration took FOREVER!  so annoying - and I only did this drawing because the illustration friday topic was diary.  Anyway - I need help with would not believe what this looked like after my first pass...I sort of like it now, but what do you think?


pete said...

I'm working on the same topic - nice interpretation.

The colors look nice and friendly to me. Good work!

Side note - I'm using Behr's website (interior/exterior paint company) for color coordinating ideas. They have these online color design tools that I'm finding useful in picking color themes.

The characters look great, too.

Had you thought of including some detail outside the window or including elements inside the room (wallpaper design, stuff on floor, etc)? Probably not what you want to hear if you've been putting in massive time on this one...just putting it out there.

Lyon said...

I really like the characters. If I were you I'd tone down the bright yellow of the bedding. Right now it is pulling the eye away from your really cute interaction in the foreground.

I am working on the same IF. Grrr.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

I should strengthen the illustration - as it is a bit plain. I'll look into it - but I might have moved on...I will, if nothing else, tone down the bed color!

But I should do something with it, especially since I have spent so much time on it. I'll do something. Just you see...I'll do something. (by the way Pete, I fixed the keys on the piano so they're not as wonky. thanks for spotting that).