Thursday, July 29, 2010

alla prima #2

Here's my second alla prima, with more emphasis on accuracy. I'm still learning on the colors and will probably be making one of those color referencing gadgets (basically a black and white card with a hole punched out) to reference color more accurately. There were so many tints shades of blue and green in this one that I started to get lost! I'd say total time was near 3 hours.


pete said...

by the way, the color on the reference photo (on my mac) is off...the color of the actual photo is much warmer.

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

lookin' good. I thought they were supposed to be an hour though?

I'm just kidding about that - I spent about 6-7 hours doing the photoshop painting i just if you're doing realistic oils this well in just 3 hours, then it's gonna be quite a great thing for you to keep practicing!

You captured quite a lot of character with this painting. Good job!

Are you going to finish it? Or is this as far as you wanna take it?

pete said...

I see some things I'd like to change...but I'm going to move on. I really want to amass a huge pile of artwork during this month.

I like your new post, by the way.

kris fulk said...

Geez, Pete! For 3 hours, that is pretty B.A.!

I can't wait to see your works side by side after a hundred of these :)

(Even after ten or twenty eh)