Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Portfolio Booklets on my blog

Hey everyone. A member of this site e-mailed me last night asking about advertising in the Directory of Illustration. I told her I thought it was the worst decision I ever made. I decided to post my reasons on my blog for anyone interested. LINK

I'm also venturing into the realm of self publishing. I'm keeping an online journal of my thought process as I go through this adventure. I should be going to press soon and if you have any interest in self publishing or reading about me having a nervous breakdown while I go through this make sure to check my blog from time to time.



Lara Lakshmi said...

I like the booklets, Steve. Good luck with your publishing venture - your book concept and cover are great; I am sure you'll do very well.

Lyon said...

Hi Steve. Nice concepts. I hope the portfolio booklet garners more work for you.

I read your blog about self publishing. I have to say you might be over estimating the amount of money you ear on each book though. I think you might need to factor in the cost of advertising and warehousing into the cost of the books. And don't forget all the money that will be spent on shipping the books back and forth to sales outlets. These are all areas a publisher needs to account for in the pricing point of the book, too. Good luck to you, I think you have found a marketable niche and with a lot of hard work will be able to make it a success.

Steve Harpster said...

Thanks Lyon,
I covered a little of that in my post Tuesday, March 2, 2010
ALL THE REASONS NOT TO SELF PUBLISH. I only touched on it, and plan to dig deeper into that in future blogs. Publishers create a PNL or profit and loss statement. Now this is my very first book so I don't know all the costs yet, but as they come up I will make sure to list them. Going to be very honest with this blog so others can read it and decide for themselves if it's worth trying.