Saturday, March 20, 2010

1 hr paint session...

If you haven't been to Steve Harpster's blog in awhile, then I suggest you take a peek. Not only has he been going over some pretty interesting self-publishing content - he's been doing really great color studies that have inspired me to kick my art up a notch.

As mini-break from the book I'm illustrating now, I decided to take one hour to study on of my favorite painters - Norman Rockwell. I gotta say, this was really fun. An hour has never gone as quickly as it did. I was frantically mixing and looking to get as much done as I could inside the time limit.

Here's the result! Hope everyone is well and I can't wait to see more of our group's work. I'm going to try harder to post more often.


Steve Harpster said...

Awesome workout! I recognized the painting right away as Norman Rockwell. I think this came out really good. I had the chance to see a Rockwell exhibit and his painting style was actually very rough and scratchy. He used many colors in his skin tones, you would not be able to tell that by looking at his printed work.

My only suggestion is when doing the color study try it without doing any under drawing. Use some brown paint a do a paint sketch really quick and then jump right into the painting part.

You can draw them too, but do that as a seprate study.

Again Great work.

pete said...

Sounds good, Steve! I'll try it without the sketch next time. It's amazing how much one learns from this sort of study.

Patti said...

Nice job! I did look at Steve's blog again.Great stuff there too. I also got the book Steve told me about with the facial expressions along with one of kids in poses. I think they will be good to sketch. (Thanks Steve)

Christy said...

Great job, Pete! :) It is still you, but like Rockwell too. :)

Hope the book is goin well. :)

pete said...

Thanks, Patti and Christy! I'm really going to try to do more of these quick studies (maybe once every 2 weeks or so).

I'm thinking about trying some children's illustrations with no line, so this helps me a great deal.

The book is great fun! I've had a blast working with my publisher. I'm thankful to have a pleasant experience for my first project. My goal is to complete it by May 31.

Right now, it's pretty busy...but I wouldn't trade it.