Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Something new

This is still really rough, but I am trying to color my sketchbook art in Photoshop. I have colored this one four time now trying to get something I like and I think I might be close. Still not done, but I wanted to post it and see what I think about it when I see it online. Any advice?


Patti said...

I like this. Is that a pattern on his knee and side? It might be interesting to make this more distinct. It seems a little odd in it's placement right now. Over all I really like it!
I recently got book The worst band in the Universe, and thought of you. It has all kinds of interesting aliens.

marikris said...

Steve you are a powerhouse!!

I think he's running under dappled lighting streaming from the tree leaves. The light looks bright underneath the foliage because he's bright, while the leaves are providing the dappled shade. What if instead he is in the shade and the dappling is created by the *light* shining through crevices between the leaves and they are catching him as he is running? Anyway, that's what came to me when I saw this :)

pete said...

Great character and movement in this one, Steve! For a "rough" WIP, this is looking like its on the road to being a very strong piece.

I really enjoy the lighting of the eyes, the fingers, and the feet most of all. You nailed the perspective on these items particularly well.

I think he/she/it might be blending into the similar colors of the ground and the creature itself. Maybe adding another light stripe just above his feet (or reversing the order of the stripes) could make it pop more. Or go with a brown, for the forest floor that doesn't compete as much...or add more grass.

That being said, depending on how you build up your color layers, that might not be an issue by the time you've finished...if you're starting with midtones.

I really like it! Very earthy and creative!

What software programs did you mention you use to paint? I've been toying with ideas on attempting tradigital painting with Painter X.

sara b. said...

I'm totally enjoying his/she/it's wide smile and sense of total excitement. Looks like it has some great news to share or just got some great news. I think adding a stripe down by the feet is a great idea without reversing. Less work. :P I too always enjoy lighting coming through the threes, but wonder if it would better serve on the ground below more than on the creature itself. Maybe a little bit on the leg coming forward to push it more and then on the ground. Either than or leave it where it is and add more on the head. :)

Overall Steve I am lovin' this piece! Lots of movement, great perspective, nice color, very creative. :