Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snowed In

Totally enjoying my new sketchbook. Its like drawing on bristol all the time with a paper that isn't pure white. So so nice! This is my illo for this week's IF "confined". A lot of snow we've received this month here in the midwest.

I haven't taken a picture of my progress on the "Hatchlings of Loving Thoughts" illo. I'm kind of frustrated with it, but will get to it after lunch today. I hope to fix a few things and move on. :/ Here's an inbetween picture of it. I'm further than this now, but it's a slight update from the image from previous post.

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have a new photo to show you. :)

My resolutions are:
Read through the Bible in one year (following each day with wendypope.blogspot.com)
Get three promo mailers out
Gain a larger network through blog and twitter
Put together a strong portfolio
Sketch IF every week
Never forget how much I love my husband and thank God for him every single day

There's more but they're tiny. I know these are going to be a bit more difficult to keep in habit. :)

1 comment:

Steve Harpster said...

Great resolutions. I was wondering how you plan to network more. I see you have blogging and twitter, but is there anything else one can do to drive traffic to their sites?