Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chocolate Feeding Frenzy

Cool, I think this one is done. Now it's time to send out the files to print my portfolio. I agree Isaac that you need pics of the same characters over and over again. Maybe that will be in next years portfolio.
Thanks for all the help on this one, but let me know if there is anything else that's just not feeling right with this piece.

Patti wanted to know of good sites to learn digital painting. Here are ones that I like
-Dani Jones has a great blog http://danidraws.com/blog/
-Schoolism.com has classes you can take. I've taken four of the online classes. they not only teach but the instructors go over your work and show you what you need to work on more.
-You tube has a ton of videos on digital painting. Some are good and others are bad, but you just have to go through them all.
-Ustream has some people that draw live on the computer. you can watch them work and ask them questions.

Hope those help a but.


sara b. said...

I think you honed this piece in beautifully. I really like the addition you gave in the upper left hand corner. That truly solved the "vortex" issue that was mentioned. The colors work great together and I agree that tho I believe you should have more than one illustration showing a character, this piece does that in one illustration. I am SO enjoying looking at each mutant rabbit. :D

I truly wish you luck with your resolutions and that you keep us up to date on them so we can encourage you and support you. :)

Patti said...

Steve, This looks great. Your crazy bunnies really pop now. Thanks for the other info too.